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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Herman Cain to "Occupy Wall Street" protesters: Don't blame Wall St, blame yourself


Wow...really?  When I researched Herman Cain's background, I saw that his mother was a cleaning lady and his father was a chauffeur.  His parents apparently worked very hard for what they had and to provide for him, so it seems rather rude, given his roots, that he would say such as thing.

There are A LOT of us out here that work our butts off and are even making pretty good money, but we still struggle.  Why?  Because health care went up, because our groceries went up, because gasoline went up....I can keep going, but most of us who live in the middle class already know.

To me, it just shows how out of touch Herman Cain is with the very same people he wants to lead. 

No thanks!

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