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Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year's Day...Beard Growing Shave Off's and No-Bake Cookies!

Beautiful New Year's Morning in Northern New York

It is the first day of a New Year! So many opportunities. So many things to start anew. I know that I am completely stoked about this coming year. I'm full of hope and gratitude for all the gifts I have in my life and am excited about the opportunities that will come my way. I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

This morning started off at the Sportman's Barbershop for the kickoff of the North Country Goes Green Donegal Beard Growing Contest. Larry has decided to rise to the challenge and had the beard that he has had for 4 years shaved off. He now has until March 16th to grow an impressive Donegal beard (think Abe Lincoln) to see if he will be "King of Beards" at the Irish Festival.

Full House at the Sportsman's Barbershop.



Later on, Larry decided to make some Cathedral Window Cookies and I attempted to "help" him by melting the chocolate and butter for his recipe. It called for 2 cups of chocolate with a 1/2 cup of butter. For some reason, I read it as a cup of butter, so I had to add two more cups of chocolate morsels to get it the right consistency. But what was I suppose to do with all that chocolate? Well, half of it went to Larry's cookies and the rest went to my imagination. I threw about a cup or so of Reese's Cereal, a few handfuls of peanuts, and about a half cup of coconut. I place the mixture by spoonfuls on a waxed papered cookie sheet and voila...No Bake Whatevers! So, we have A LOT of No Bake Cookies to start the New Year with.

My No Bake Whatevers!

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