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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gave up facebook for Lent...and not missing it a bit

Although I am not overly religious (in fact, I still consider myself a seeker), I decided to participate in the idea of Lent as I have never done it before.  What I decided to give up was Facebook and mindless internet surfing.  Here's why...I think that we've somehow disconnected in society though all the technological toys out there.  We get too caught up in our phones, computers, DS's, etc., to pay much attention to one another.  I believe this why there are so many issues now with rudeness, disrespect, and lack of compassion.

Don't get me wrong, I believe technology has done some great things.  It has made up global and many people, myself included, have been able to find loved ones through the internet, but I had noticed that my Facebook interactions were predominantly shallow.  I becomes more about "look at me" than anything else.

As I see it, I can't change how fast technology is moving, but I can improve my world by improving my interactions with my family and those around me.  I plan on making phone calls and writing letters to my friends and family that are not near.  I also plan on more face time with my coworkers and the acquaintances I have in town.  Instead of watching my days pass me by in front of a computer screen, I plan on spending time with my family.

I've already noticed that I have more time to do things like chores around the house, sitting and enjoying a cup of tea with a good book, writing in my journal, and conversations with my family that doesn't involve something messed up we saw on the Net.

So far, I don't miss it.

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