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Sunday, September 30, 2012

My new favorite Football Watching Beverage (and it's gluten free)

I'm not much of a beer drinker but there is just something about enjoying a beverage while watching football that just screams Fall to me. I usually have a Mike's Hard Lemonade or a Smirnoff Ice, but the other day I saw Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider sitting on the shelf at my grocery store. It may have been the packaging that caught my eye because really, isn't the artwork awesome? I have, however, been looking for something different and when I saw the gluten free, I knew I had to try it.

This has become my new favorite drink. It's got a light, refreshing taste, jjust the right bite of apples, both tart and sweet, and it doesn't feel like a heavy weight was placed in your belly after you drink it.

I highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you are fan of cider and apple in general.

Burrville Cider Mill and Falls

Yesterday I made a trip to one of my favorite places in Northern New York, the Burrville Cider Mill.  I have been coming here for quite a few years with my family for their cider and donuts, as well as the assortment of goodies, such as apple and pumpkin butter, maple syrup, and of course, apples of every kind.  When I homeschooled my boys, we took a trip there to see the cider made from beginning to end.

Besides all the yummy things at the Mill, another reason to visit is the Falls on the Mill property.  I frequently take my camera there to get a photo of the Falls and have quite a few photos of my boys growing up with the Falls as a backdrop.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Desensitized to Violence

Man Commits Suicide Live on Fox

I didn't see the clip and don't want to.  I happened to see the news report on HuffPo and when I read the reader comments, I was a little taken back.  There was little outrage that a major news source would "forget" their 10 second delay and follow the car chase to the point of the man getting out of the car, checking his weapon, putting the gun to his head, and pulling the trigger.  There were few questions asked of why Fox News even feels the need to cover car chases when so many things can go wrong.  I didn't see many posts of how horrified people were of seeing a man take his own life in real time. One poster even said something like it wasn't like you saw blood.

This is what I saw-

"I for one wasn't bothered by it.............probably the best thing that could have happened for everyone."

"Ugh, censorship makes me puke. Americans are so removed and sheltered from reality it isn't even funny. I am GLAD this was unable to be filtered and watered down by big brother."

"One less democrat....although he will still be able to vote...Acorn can take care of that."

Have we become so desensitized to violence on television and entertainment that we fair to be rattled by a suicide on their screen?  Have we become so hardened that we applaud a man taking his life, regardless of what path brought him there?

The story itself was bad enough.  The response to it, however, bothered me more.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Real World Experience in Saving Money at the Grocery Store - Bulk Spices

I am all about saving money on my grocery bill. As the only women in a house with three men between the ages of 15 and 47, you can imagine how horrifying a grocery bill can be.

I have been shopping at my local natural foods store, The Mustard Seed, for my bulk organic needs for a few years now, but never thought about hitting their bulk spice counter until today. As we all know, spices at the grocery store can get pretty expensive so I thought I would see if I could save some money as I was completely out of cumin. At my local grocery store, a 1.5 ounce bottle of McCormick ground cumin can cost $4.89. I brought my empty bottle (recycling) and they filled it up. I braced myself for the final cost, as I am used to spices being expensive, and was shocked at the price.


That's a savings of $3.64!

Looks like from now I will be getting my spices in bulk!!

Dirty Politics (hmm...didn't I say I was done with politics?)

Allen West Uses Opponents Mugshot in New Ad

I try to ignore it.  I really do.  I try not to read the articles on political attacks, but then I just can't help myself.  When I saw this doozy, I was like "are you KIDDING me?"

In a nutshell, Patrick Murphy, the Democratic candidate in Florida's 18th District, was arrested in 2003 when he was a 19 year old college student for "disorderly intoxication and possessing a fake driver's license".  Allen West, the Republican incumbant candidate, part of the Tea Party Caucus, and the very same Allen West that once told Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in an email that she was "the most vile, unprofessional ,and despicable member of the US House of Representatives", decided now was a good time to remind everyone of this in his latest campaign ad, along with Murphy's mugshot.

Ok, now this is when I gets funny.  Not funny ha-ha, but funny as in "something smells funny".  In his ad, West is alluding that on the night Murphy was arrested, West was getting orders to go to war as a member of the Armed Forces.  What West didn't point out as he was playing the Vet Card is that in the same year, in December to be more exact, West was charged by the UMCJ for threatening to kill an Iraqi policemen and firing a gun near his head while he interrogated him.  Interesting how one can try to rewrite one's history.

I am going to go back to a question that I ask myself quite frequently.  Do politicians, Democrat or Republican, that use techiniques such as this, or who try to flip flop on their issues, not realize that many of us read the news and remember what they said and what they did in the past?  I mean, we live in the age of the Internet where nothing just fades away and events haunt like ghosts lurking on the World Wide Web, coming out when you least expect it. 

Also is funny is when a Republican favorite like George W. Bush gets a drunk driving charge at the age of 30, it's called a "youthful indiscretion" but when you are a 19 year old college student getting in a bar fight and later run as a Democrat for Congress, you're a criminal not worthy of the office.

Case in point of why Election Season stinks

Remember a few days ago when I said I have lost my faith in the political system and just cannot stomach election season anymore?

Case in point...Princess Little Big Liar.  For one, it's quite apparent that there are not only misogynist tones to this campaign, but a racist one as well.  It's obvious by the staff's use of tomahawk chops and whoops that it may be acceptable policy to mock a person's race and/or gender.  Oh, yeah...I know they issued a statement that said they "regret" the staff's unacceptable actions, but when signs like this show up, it makes me believe the only regret Scott Brown's may have is that his staff got caught spreading this kind of sentiment.

Secondly, is this what politics has become?  The insult sounds like a 5 year old came up with it.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why, Mike?

Mike Rowe talks at Romney Event

Mike Rowe Television personality Mike Rowe speaks during a roundtable discussion with Republican U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney and business leaders at American Spring Wire September 26, 2012 in Bedford Heights, Ohio. Romney continued his two-day "Romney Plan For A Stronger Middle Class" bus tour in the state of Ohio.

You can say all you like about being non-partisan, but when it's a little over a month til Election Day and you are standing on the stage with Mitt Romney at a campaign event, then yes, Mike, you are endorsing him...especially when you are willing to stand in front of something like this sign here.

Please don't assume that we are too stupid to see that.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fireball Run


I went down to the Fireball Run after work today and forgot my camera.  Hopefully there will be loads out there to link to, but it was fun and we saw a lot of the cars that are participating.  I saw two Deloreans!  What are the odds?

Monday, September 24, 2012

I think I have lost my taste for politics.

One of the things I used to blog about frequently was politics.  I LOVED politics as much as I liked football. I mean it was like sport to me and every election season filled me with as much glee as the Superbowl.  I worked on political campaigns, set up debates and events, and watched the updates at every opportunity.

But then something happened to me.  Sometime around 2011, I lost my faith in politics and the American Political System.  Don't get me wrong, I still support President Obama.  He has done some things I don't completely agree with, but I still believe that his heart is in the right place.  I believe that he is trying his best to run this Country in a climate of uncompromise and downright racism.  I don't think it's fair to call him "the worst President ever" when in fact, he can't get anything done when Congress won't cooperate. So as far as faith goes, I still believe in President Obama.

What I don't believe in is the political climate.  There is no room for compromise.  All I see is finger pointing, personal attacks, and condescension on both sides of the aisle.  Democrats are just as bad as Republicans.  There's a very "my way or the highway" mentality going on and it's the American people who suffer.

So, I am no longer a member of any party.  I am a true independent voter, no party affiliation on my voter card, whatsoever. What I want to see are politicians that actually care for their constituents, politicians that actually listen to what we have to say.  Politicians that care more for what their duties are to the American people they represent than the padding of their pockets and the next dig against their political "enemies".

Maybe I am living in a fantasy world.  I will still vote in November, but I just can't stomach all the fake nonsense of politics.

Hello, again!

From misstaylorcast.com

There was once a time when I was quite the prolific blogger, but then I got out of practice and was afraid that no one really needed to hear or cared even what was going on in my corner of the world.  Maybe that is still true, but it doesn't take away my love of writing and observing.  That is why, dear readers, I have decided to come back and blog about how I feel, what I see, and how I experience the world around me.

To update everyone, I live up in Northern New York near the Canadian border and Fort Drum.  It's a unique experience living here as it is small town, yet a military town wrapped into one.  I came here in 1994 as a military spouse and stayed here long after that marriage was over.  I love it up here, even when the winters get brutal.

My life is constantly under construction.  My little boys that you read about in the early days of this blog are now grown or almost grown (19 and 15) and I am on the cusp of 40 (come November).  You may have noticed a new man in this blog, my man, my soul.  There have been changes, new jobs, adjustments....I'm even planning on going back into the Air National Guard after being out of the military (12 years in the Army National Guard prior) for 10 years.

Yep, life is always under construction and it is that life that I will write about.

Feel free to join me!