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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Desensitized to Violence

Man Commits Suicide Live on Fox

I didn't see the clip and don't want to.  I happened to see the news report on HuffPo and when I read the reader comments, I was a little taken back.  There was little outrage that a major news source would "forget" their 10 second delay and follow the car chase to the point of the man getting out of the car, checking his weapon, putting the gun to his head, and pulling the trigger.  There were few questions asked of why Fox News even feels the need to cover car chases when so many things can go wrong.  I didn't see many posts of how horrified people were of seeing a man take his own life in real time. One poster even said something like it wasn't like you saw blood.

This is what I saw-

"I for one wasn't bothered by it.............probably the best thing that could have happened for everyone."

"Ugh, censorship makes me puke. Americans are so removed and sheltered from reality it isn't even funny. I am GLAD this was unable to be filtered and watered down by big brother."

"One less democrat....although he will still be able to vote...Acorn can take care of that."

Have we become so desensitized to violence on television and entertainment that we fair to be rattled by a suicide on their screen?  Have we become so hardened that we applaud a man taking his life, regardless of what path brought him there?

The story itself was bad enough.  The response to it, however, bothered me more.

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