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Monday, October 15, 2012

Adventures in NYC - Day 1 - 9/11 Memorial / East Village / Brooklyn

Our trip to NYC / NY Comic Con - Photobucket

So I thought I would share my photo album from our family trip to NYC over the weekend.  It was quite the adventure so this will be a long post!

Now, I am not stranger to the City.  I lived approximately 70 miles from it for 15 years when I lived in Port Jervis, NY.  Heard all about it, my high school drama club got a lot of their costumes from there, the local television and radio channels were all from the City and I even once got to go to the Ringling Brothers Circus at Madison Square Garden when I was a kid. Unfortunately, that was the only time I got to go to the City as a child as my family wasn't really into the City.

Flash Forward 20 years and my man Larry is a National Guard soldier whose unit is based on Park Avenue, so I accompany him to a few drill weekends and completely fall in love with the City.  Every year we try to get down there, whether as a couple or as a family. Every time I go there I see something new.


The 9/11 Memorial was quite an experience.  It's impossible to walk along the names bordering the reflecting pools where the Towers once stood and not be moved.  When I first walked to the North Tower pool and looked over the edge, I was filled with emotion at all those that lost their lives there and all the events of that day.  I looked for a few names of those that are connected to Watertown - Shannon Adams, Ward Haynes, and Richard O'Connor, and looked around at the serene beauty of this Memorial.  Afterwards we went St. Paul's Chapel near the Site.  The following photo was taken from its front year and shows the rise of the Freedom Tower.

Next was "Obscura" in the East Village.  If anyone has ever seen "Oddities" on the Science Channel, you know how freaky this store is.
The other photos can be seen on the photobucket album, but it is just like it seems on the show.  An extra bonus is that Ryan was there and was nice enough to sign my sons' postcard.

We had lunch at Stomboli's on St. Mark's for some NYC Style Pizza. We found this place when I was on my Beastie Boys Pilgrimage back in May. Then we revisited the Adam Yauch mural up on 7th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues in the East Village because I wanted my boys to see it.


I really wanted to show my boys Chinatown, but on this Friday, there was absolutely no parking that didn't cost us an arm and a leg so we had to put it off until the next time.

We headed off to Brooklyn afterwards to just walk around the Brooklyn Bridge Park and see the sunset.

So ended Day 1. We headed back to the hotel because we knew we had a long day Saturday at Comic Con.

Part Two will follow.....

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