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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Adventures in NYC - Day 2 - NY Comic Con / Times Square

Continued from Part I - 

Day 2 of NYC Adventure was at Comic Con in the Javits Center and Times Square.

What can I say about Comic Con?!  It was crazy, it was madness, it was a whole lot of people dressed in costume.  My youngest went as Equius from Homestuck (don't ask, just look it up) and the my man, my oldest, and I went as the Beastie Boys from their Sabotage video (much love to them for indulging in my Beastie Boy love!)

My son had a great time looking out the back window of our car going down the Henry Hudson Parkway while people double taked him.  I have to say that I was quite impressed with the sheer level of people from the Homestuck fandom there. This was just one section of the Homestuck get together.  I wish I had that panorama feature on my camera as this crowd need 3 or 4 shots to get them all in!

Alas, it didn't seem like a whole lot of people knew who we were. We did get one photo request and another crowd knew who we were, but mostly we got a "huh?" look and Larry got asked repeatedly for directions. I had figured in NYC, a mere 5 months after the passing of MCA, that we would be recognized. Oh, well...I did it more for tribute and less for attention.

I have to admit as a newbie to all this, I was overwhelmed.  There was A LOT of people there and moving around had the very feel of cattle is a pen. I missed a lot of the panels most because of the lines and I didn't get a single autograph because I am cheap.  I mean, please...I don't care it if IS Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars! I'm not paying $125 for his signature.  I did get to see Jordan Hembrough from "Toy Hunter" and Stan Lee walked right by me, but I was too much in awe to take a photo.

After getting stuck in an elevator at the parking garage for no more than a minute but it felt like FOREVER, we were off to Times Square.  Us Beasties changed in the car, but my Equius kid decided to go to Times Square in his costume.  It was hilarious.  When people are looking at you on Time Square like you are strange, you've made the big time.  Even the NYC cops, who I am sure have seen their fair share of crazy, seemed at little amazed by my 15 year old Homestucker!

The rest of the photos of our trip can be found HERE!

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