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Monday, October 22, 2012

Lance Armstrong Stripped of All Seven Tour De France Titles

Lance Armstrong Banned From Cycling - Huffington Post

I cannot begin to tell you all how sad I am at all of this. There is this part of me, the innocent child part of me, that wants to believe that this whole thing is just a witch hunt, that Lance Armstrong is, in fact, the same epic athlete that he always was.  The man who came back from cancer and not only perservered in the sport of cycling, but also brought so much attention to the fight against cancer that many who previously did not pay attention, did.  The man so many people looked up to, so many kids wanted to be, so many rooting for him....

But there is that other part of me, the skeptic, the jaded part of me that has seen too many of our heroes falter and fail, that I cannot help but lump him in with the many that have let us down.  You see, I don't expect athletes, actors, politicians, and musicians to be heroes, but I do want them to be honest.  I want them to be what they say they are, to be real. 

Lance still says that he's innocent.  That it's a witch hunt.  I always thought that those that testified again him were just jealous.  I tell myself that there has yet to be a positive test to his supposed doping, but then on the flip side, Lance will no longer fight and he is stepping down from his Livestrong organization.  It looks guilty, yet that part of me still wants to believe in him.

It's heartbreaking.

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