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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Parents May Sue Over Yoga Practices

Parents May Sue Over Yoga Lessons

For the life of me I cannot fathom why people are so threatened by yoga.  These parents are afraid that teaching yoga to children is indoctoring them into the Hindu religion.

For one, what is wrong with children learning about other World religions?  In my opinion, the more they know, the more tolerant they become.

Secondly, being that it is a school event, I am sure that the people carrying out this program are more than aware of the separation of Church and State and are mainly focusing on the relaxation and fitness benefits of yoga.  Being that the program is being paid with funds from an outside source that is looking to promote yoga in the schools, I don't see the problem.  Simply enough, if you don't want your child to take yoga, don't let them, but to me, it's a shame to limit them.

Being that these parents seem to be uptight as hell, I think yoga in the schools may be a good thing if only to encourage a new generation to not be so closed minded and troubled.

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