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Friday, October 12, 2012

Who won the Vice-Presidential Debate?

Throughout most of the history, the Vice-Presidential Debate hasn't been what makes or breaks an election.  Yes, we all know that in the event of anything happening to our President, that the VP will take over, but during Election Season, we tend to pay more attention to our future POTUS than the Number 2.  VP debates have given us much to chuckle about, such as when Vice Admiral James Stockdale fell asleep during the debate and had to adjust his hearing aid.  Then, let's not forget Sarah Palin in the last one.  That was a sight to behold....but I digress.

Due to the fact that President Obama was, shall we say, lacking in his first debate, I believe that this particular Vice Presidential debate was a little more important.  These debates aren't so much about the Vice Presidential candidates themselves, but an opportunity to sell their candidate, which President Obama really needed.

I'm just going to cut to the chase.  I think Joe Biden slammed Paul Ryan.  He showed more experience, he showed that he wasn't going to take the falsehoods of the Romney campaign without a fight, and he showed that he was going to say what needed to be said.  Since the debate I have heard many, particularly Fox News and Republican strategists, saying that Vice President Biden was rude, arrogant, and unprofessional, which I disagree with.  Was he over the top with some of his facial expressions? Probably, but I believe that he was just expressing was many of us are feeling.  Quite honesly, Joe was just being Joe.  I would rather have the realness of Joe Biden than the phoniness of the Romney campaign.

"My religion defines who I am, and I’ve been a practicing Catholic my whole life, and it has particularly informed my social doctrine. Catholic social doctrine talks about taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves. People who need help.

With regard to abortion, I accept my Church’s position on abortion as a de fide doctrine. Life begins at conception. I accept that position in my personal life. But I refuse to impose it on equally devout Christians, and Muslims and and Jews…I just refuse to do that, unlike my friend here, the Congressman. I do not believe that we have a right to tell other people, women that they cannot control their body. It’s a decision between them and their doctor in my view, and the Supreme Court. And I’m not going to interfere with that."

All in all, great job, Vice President Biden!!

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