What's running though my mind comes through in my walk / True feelings are shown by the way that I talk. ~MCA Adam Yauch 1964-2012

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Adam Yauch - Teacher, Bodhisattva

In the seven months since Adam Yauch has been gone, I have learned more about life and enlightenment than I ever had in my life before. I had been searching for the proverbial meaning of life. Went to different churches, read a variety of books, you name it, never finding the answers.

Then, on May 4, 2012, I heard that Adam Yauch died. I’m not going to pretend that I was a Beasties Super fan before that day. I had let life get in the way of my paying attention to all the magic that these boys had to offer, but I do remember that everytime they came out with something new or when Saboage came on the radio, I would lose my shit! I remember how they came out with “In a World Gone Mad” just when I wondered if anyone was going to speak out about the War. And I remember that out of the three, it was MCA’s voice that I loved to hear and watching him on film was like being hypnotized.

I was so far out of the loop that I didn’t even know he was sick, but when I found out that he died, I called my boyfriend from work to say, “I’m so sad….Adam Yauch died!” So even though I wasn’t paying attention before, I knew the loss was great.

In the seven months since Adam left us, I have caught up on what I missed and through that, I have learned so much in how a person can evolve, how to be more compassionate, how to make a vow to help others yet not lose myself, learn to be a sentient being, how to be a grownup, yet not be….and still be a badass in the process. I was taught lessons in how to live and die with grace and dignity and how you can start off one way and journey to a whole other level.

Today I started my day with mediatation, then the “Bodhisattva Vow” and “I Don’t Know”…it all seems to fit, doesn’t it? You have taught me so much, MCA….my teacher, my bodhisattva.

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